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Liv Bud Ikebana-Style Vase

Liv Bud Ikebana-Style Vase

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Dimensions: approximately 8” diameter x 4” height

The base is solid with a 1/2” diameter x 2.75” deep hole drilled in the top.

‘Not Whole, But Complete’ depicts the brokenness and loss we experience during a lifetime. It is a reminder that nothing is genuinely damaged, no matter how painful it might seem.

The pieces within the collection take their ethos from the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Pawaskar draws inspiration from the wisdom of Kintsugi - highlighting the pivotal moment in the life of an object and creating beauty from what is outwardly viewed as a flaw or brokenness.

The fluid rims of the pieces encourage viewers to respond as if they are experiencing a piece of artwork, yet each is an invitation to use the piece as a modest object. The focus simultaneously remains both on the piece and the ambiance it creates. The pieces within ‘Not Whole, But Complete’ can enhance a space even when they are not in use, as their influence and feel are undoubtedly sculptural without sacrificing functionality.

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