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Nia Large Bud vase

Nia Large Bud vase

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Approximately 10” diameter x 4" overall height.
The base is solid with 1/4" dia x 2.75" deep hole drilled in the top.

For Whirl & Whittle’s debut studio collection, Your Scars Are Beautiful, the Ottawa-based designer consciously chose unpredictable wood pieces — such as spalted beech. Spalting is a form of wood coloration caused by fungi. It predominantly occurs in dead trees but can also occur in living trees undergoing stress. Spalting causes weight loss and strength loss in the wood and yet is sought by woodworkers.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is made-to-order with lead times being approximately 2-3 weeks. Due to spalting on these woods, the pattern and grain will vary significantly from piece to piece. Those pictured show some of the variation.

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