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Catalan plater

Catalan plater

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Catalan plater

Material: Wicker from Sutton, Quebec 

Size: The dimensions of the basket is 1"H x 15"L x 10"W

Care: To maintain, spot clean.

Hand weaved in Sutton, Québec, Canada.

Please note: This available listing for the basket is unique. Any additional orders of this peice may be commisioned, delay for production is 4-6 weeks. Item may vary in size and color, due to it's natural material and hand weaved process.

To promote basketry, a field of the future whose roots go back to the dawn of time.

The basket is more than just a container.

It's a powerful symbol of the interconnection between humans and the natural world. It exposes us to the weaving of our history, ingenuity and resilience. It reminds us that everything we need, nature provides without counting the cost. It reminds us to say thank you! Made by Laurence Thiffault, Sweet mama grass.

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